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  • Born:  Crosby, MN

  • When:  Long time ago

  • Married:  In the mid 80's to wife Lisa

    • Fact:  the church married in has been torn down (Not Sure what this means)

    • Length:  over 30 years married, over 35 years together

  • Children:

    • Reggie

    • Cassie

    • Jackson

    • Jessica

    • Five grand kids

    • 6 year old Lab/Shepard mix named Lexi (pillow trained)

    • 13 year old Cockatiel named Cheeks (noisy talking bird)

  • Education:

    • Univ of MN - Not Magna Cum Laude (Apparently, Gary and Lisa enjoyed college years)

      • Best Memories of college - 1/2 price Gopher Hockey Tickets

    • More - Boring Insurance and Finance (Most call it a Masters in Finance/Insurance)

  • Employment:  Most don't know what Gary does

    • Insurance Industry

    • Owned and operated Health Insurance Agency in the Brainerd Lakes area since 2000

    • Fiducia Benefits Group - Gary typical refer to it as a little firm in the middle of nowhere but in reality they specialize in large group, self insured and customized benefit plans that operates in 9 states.


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